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"Chainsaw's Polka Madhouse"
Broadcast Schedule


(subject to change)

Thursday afternoons
6:00pm - 8:00pm Eastern Time
(5:00pm - 7:00pm Central Time)

Polka Jammer Network


    March 30th -       Taped Show

    April 6th -                LIVE
                 (Todd Zaganiacz - guest host)
    April 13th -              LIVE

    April 20th -              LIVE

    April 27th -              LIVE

    April 29th or 30th - LIVE JAMMERTHON
                                     SHOW (Time TBD)




Sunday Mornings
11:05am - 12:00pm Central Time
(12:05pm - 1:00pm Eastern Time)

WHRU 101.5FM - Huntley, IL
"Huntley Community Radio"



April 2nd
April 9th
April 16th
April 23rd

**NOTICE:  This station pre-empts programming for 2 weekends in mid-December to air round the clock holiday music.

Every 1st & 5th Sunday of the month
3-5pm Eastern Time
(2-4pm Central Time)

Otherwise, Sunday afternoons 4-5pm Eastern Time
(3-4pm Central Time)

Polka Jammer Network

WERG 90.5FM - Erie, PA (Taped)



April 2nd -                                            LIVE Show on Jammer
                                                                      (3-5pm ET)
                                                             Taped Show on WERG
                                                                      (3-5pm ET)

April 9th -                                          Taped Show on Jammer
                                                            Taped Show on WERG

April 16th -                                        Taped Show on Jammer
                                                            Taped Show on WERG


WERG feed subject to sports pre-emptions. (generally between February-May & October-December)


Polka Jammer feed subject to pre-emptions due to live remotes (generally June - October) as well as their once a year JammerThon in the Spring.


If these occur, we will make an announcement on the Happy Polka Land Radio FaceBook page.

POLKA PARADE (Polish Hour)
Saturday morning
every 3 weeks 
11am-12pm Eastern Time
(10-11am Central Time)

WJOI 1340AM & 98.7FM - Milwaukee, WI



April 1st
April 22nd
May 13th
June 3rd
June 24th




* denotes show has been recorded
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