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About Jim Kucharski

Jim Kucharski, also known as "Chainsaw',  is your host for this musical odyssey. He's been in the polka business for 35 years. 

He has performed with a number of area bands through the years, including the late Joe Walega, Windy City Brass, Tony Blazonczyk's South Side Sounds, CMA, the late Stas Golonka, The Ampol-Aires, The Good Times, Take Five, Freeze Dried, & Bill Gula's Chicago Image.

Jim has also filled in with a number of bands over the years, including such such groups as the Downtown Sound, the late Lil' Richard, Polka Country Musicians, Jersey Polka Richie, the late Lil' Wally, John Gora & Gorale, Stephanie, The Music Company, Jimmy Kilian's Honky Chicago, Lenny Gomulka & The Chicago Push, Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo, & Darryl Weltin's New Brass Express.

Jim recorded on 33 albums, including a Christmas 45RPM recording and a DVD. 


In January of 2003, he along with Polkaman Jack Baciewski & Peter Danielczuk founded the Polka Jammer Network. He was it's Program Director from 2005-2008, then President from 2008-2013. Jim helped guide the network through it's early years to become the "World Leader In Polka Entertainment" that it is today. Jim left the Jammer in 2014 but returned in 2017 as an IJ.

When Jim is not involved in radio, he enjoys bicycling, traveling, pizza, and hearing live bands. While he no longer performs polka music on stage, he is involved in Music Ministry at Church of the Holy Apostles in McHenry, IL, and has been there since July of 2018. Prior to that, he served at St. John Fisher in Chicago, IL from July of 2002 until August 2018.


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